Jessie was away studying with her teacher and after several days of intense study and rigorous vinyasa classes one night he decided instead of another sweaty butt kicking class that he would light some candles and  lead everyone through a Yin Yoga class for the first time.  Jessie came out of Savasna and said "woah, what just happened?"  She had never experienced anything like it, something seemed to have shifted on an energetic level and it shifted wide open just begging her to  explore deeper.  Naturally she went home excited to dive into this new style and learn all she could so she could understand why Yin Yoga was causing her to experience the deep bliss and overwhelming peace and calm she had just begun to taste.  When she got home to Maryland she was shocked that she couldn't find a studio anywhere in the area that offered Yin Yoga.  It was in this moment she knew she had to lead the charge for Yin Yoga.

 So she spent the next 2 years studying the philosophy, history, the meridians, the subtle energy body and it's anatomy and sought guidance wherever she could find it.  She devoted her heart to deepening her own knowledge, insight, wisdom, love and passion for the practice until she felt ready to share it with her community.  In 2015 she began offering public Yin classes at the studios where she teaches.  At first no one knew what it was, but that is part of Jessie's gift and it only took a week or two and the buzz for Yin caught on like wildfire and hasn't stopped .  She has been able to introduce hundreds of people to a new aspect of themselves through the practice of Yin in a short amount of time.  The response for what Jessie was delivering was overwhelming.  Overnight students began packing Jessie's Yin classes and those packed classes haven't stopped a year and a half later.

 That is the magic of Yin, it only takes one time, something shifts and you begin awakening to a level of profound inner calm that you never though possible for yourself.  The desire for Yin was so strong that Jessie couldn't teach all the classes all the time so the next best thing and the best way to spread Yin to as many people while keeping balance in her own schedule was to create a training program so she could teach others to teach Yin form the heart.  In January of 2016 She offered the 1st ever 30 Hour Yin Immersion and was lucky enough to share the knowledge with 16 teachers and she continues to offer these trainings twice a year.   She is on a mission to continue to broaden her reach and help others tap into the extraordinary reservoir of inner peace and light within themselves and help people heal their bodies and their hearts through Yin Yoga.

​30 Hour Yin Yoga Immersion

20 Hour Yin Yoga Immersion

January 12-14, 2018
Yoga Tree Baltimore

Learn the Philosophy of Yin 

Physical and Subtle Energy Anatomy

The  Meridians & Organ Networks

Yin Poses and how to adapt to each body

Hands on techniques for deep tissue release

How to teach from your heart

Jessie is proud to have created the only Yin Yoga training in Howard County.  Jessie is a Registered Continuing Education Provider through the Yoga Alliance and offers this training twice a year.  It is her mission to make Yin accessible to everyone.  You don't have to be a teacher to participate in the Immersion as it will provide all students an opportunity to explore life deeper through the lens of Yin Yoga.

The back story behind Jessie's mission

February 2-4, 2018
405 Yoga, Washington DC