Thai Yoga Bodywork is a beautiful healing modality that is based on a fundamental understanding that we are energy.  In a Thai Bodywork session Jessie will listen deeply to your body and use delicious techniques to work open the Fascia that connects and supports the entire body.  Jessie has studied the Fascia system in the body deeply with world renowned anatomist Tom Meyers.  She is both educated and intuitive allowing her to masterfully care for your body and it's own unique needs. Self Care is an essential part of our daily overall wellbeing, yet the one part we put at the bottom of the list.  Jessie's Bodywork sessions are a magical blend of knowledge, experience, intuition and love that will give your body what it needs to rebalance and heal so that you can be at your most radiant.  Whether you need to release some physical tightness, or are recovering from an injury, Jessie will customize the stretching and massage techniques to reopen the body and realign balance overall tone in your tissues.  Jessie's Bodywork sessions can also cleanse the energy meridians as she has vast knowledge of the subtle energy body and can help to lighten, restore and cleanse what is stuck energetically.  Jessie is a gifted healer and will provide you with a sacred space to release and realign yourself so that you can continue to enjoy your journey with more freedom, grace and understanding.  

 In a Thai Yoga Bodywork  session we use the support of lightweight foam mattress on the floor so that Jessie has access to manually move your body with ease into gentle yoga poses so that all you have to do is relax.  Jessie will use pressure to create traction to release the stuckness in your body so that your tissues can become more lubricated allowing you to glide through your life with more ease.  Jessie will be in communication with you to customize the perfect amount of pressure to suit your preferences.  It is helpful to wear lightweight comfortable clothing similar to what you would wear for one of her yoga classes.

Sessions last one hour and each one will be subtly different as Jessie listens to your body and customizes the experience to care for what is needed in the moment.  Sessions will be a unique loving blend of Mindfulness, Thai Massage, Meditation and Reiki based on the unique needs of your body and spirit.  

 Prices begin at $80 for an hour of Bodywork. 

What to expect in a private session

Thai Yoga Bodywork

Jessie is a healer.  She has spent years studying the body, it's tissues and energy meridians, she understands the body deeply.  Unlike the average bodyworker she applies the tools from Mindfulness and Meditation to her work which has allowed her to cultivate the gift of listening to what the body needs.  She has an uncanny ability to find what is stuck and release it.  Her Bodywork sessions are a unique blend of Mindfulness, Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki Energy Healing, Meditation and love.  The result is a Movement Massage the facilitates an openness for renewal and healing in the body, mind and spirit.