Jessie's weekly schedule

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8:00pm Hot Yoga

6:00pm Vinyasa Flow


9:30am Yin Yoga & Meditation

There is no way to put into words what it is like to take a class with Jessie.  She is inspiring in a whole new way by changing the way yoga is presented.  She is changing the landscape and helping students change their relationships with themselves.  You are just going to have to "come to church" for yourself and see what all the fuss is about!


 In a Vinyasa Flow class you will find more freedom in body, mind, heart and soul as you ride the waves of your own breath. Jessie's classes are unique, her flows are unlike any other and she is a master at encouraging students to move in ways that feel good to them.   These classes are graceful, challenging, energizing yet grounding, opening you up to the very best of yourself. You will leave feeling lighter, nourished, empowered and at peace.


Vinyasa Flow


6:00pm Vinyasa Flow  

LifePower Yoga

Yin Yoga


9:00am Vinyasa Flow



7:30pm Yin Yoga & Meditation

7:00am Vinyasa Flow


We all know we have muscles and they work very hard for us, but beneath those beautiful muscles is an amazing network of ligaments, nerves, bones, fascia.  In Yin Yoga we target these deeper layers of our bodies by holding poses for several minutes to create a mild stress on the connective tissues, which will create change.  The change is overwhelming, more range of motion, more flexibility, and if you can believe it more inner peace then ever before.

9:30am Yin Yoga & Meditation
LifePower Yoga

What could be more fulfilling than to spend some time in quiet stillness free from all judgment and expectation?  In Jessie's meditation classes we rest in presence, observe our breathe and the million other things that come up (thoughts, emotions, sensations) and we accept it all, offer up tenderness and access real meaning peace within.  Jessie has studied meditation for years with world renowned Meditation and Mindfulness teacher Tara Brach and has a deep love for sharing the practice.