Jessie Faye Kates

Here’s a bit more about Jes

Jessie is a unique breed of teacher and there is no one else quite like her.  A modern day yogi, she takes the ancient teachings of yoga and breathes new life into them, making them relevant again and adaptable to our lives today.  She brings a fresh new insight to class each week and her students are always amazed how her messages always seem to hit home to exactly what they need to hear.

She provides students with an extraordinary and rare opportunity to unearth powerful life lessons and each class is a deep physical, emotional and spiritual journey.  Jessie doesn't hold back.  She is eloquent, edgy, and offers a fresh new perspective to the current landscape of yoga.  She sees things differently, presents them differently, and is leading hundreds of students each week to new dimensions of growth and freedom in their personal lives.

Jessie has an inspiring way of looking past teaching just the execution of yoga poses and encourages her students to dig deeper into their experience on the mat with her.  She has a powerful way of using a yoga class as a vehicle to help teach students about themselves and life through the lens of yoga.  Ultimately her mission is to bring the practice of Mindfulness to as many students as she can.  She uses her weekly yoga classes as an opportunity to present life changing messages and her classes are an inspiring and deeply introspective journey towards tenderness, self compassion, awareness, acceptance and love.  Week after week her passion and insight guides her students towards a profound inner awakening.

There is no way to truly put into words what a trip to the mat with Jessie is like.  Her students often joke that she "takes them to church".  Her classes each week are epic adventures, fueled by juicy music.  Weather it's Yin Yoga or Vinyasa, Jessie has a intuitive wisdom and always seems to know just what her students need each day they show up on the mat.  Her classes are exciting and innovative, transformative, raw and authentic and she can't wait to take you on one hell of a physical, emotional and spiritual ride.