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Teaching at Wanderlust

Snowshoe, WV

Yin Yoga is Jessie's passion.  Three years ago the practice completely change her life and the way she views everything.  Wondering why this sweet and  largely misunderstood style was having such a profound effect on everything, she dug in deep and has studied Yin intensely over the past few years.  It has now become her mission to share this transformative life practice with as many people as she can.   Her community is filled with amazing vinyasa and power classes and teachers, but there is a big void in the landscape when it comes to Yin.  You rarely see Yin Yoga on a class schedule at all the studios in Howard County.  Jessie has vowed to change that and is leading the charge to educate and spread Yin Yoga in her community.  

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Teaching at San Diego

Yoga Festival

San Diego, CA

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 Learn to Teach Yoga From the Heart


Why Yin?

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Connect with Jessie to discover the radiant light within yourself and reconnect to your own heart.  Jessie will inspire you to start living a life of authenticity, freedom & peace.

JAN 26 - 30 2017

You Can Live an Extraordinary Life

JUNE 2017

Jessie is a game changing teacher and is raising the standard of quality heart centered teaching in Maryland and beyond.  She has thousands of hours of study on mindfulness, anatomy,  advanced hands on adjustments, meditation, energy work, philosophy, yin yoga and vinyasa from world renowned teachers in the industry.  She sees a need to elevate the knowledge and education of yoga teachers and is doing so with passion one Teacher Training at a time.  Jessie lends her knowledge and expertise to several yoga studios on the East Coast as well as leading her own 200 Hour Vinyasa YTT and a 30 Hour Yin YTT.  She has worked diligently over the past three years to increase the quality of material being offered to aspiring yoga teachers in Teacher Trainings and offers an in depth study that is far juicier than the average YTT available in Maryland.  Study with Jessie and you will gain the tools to understand yourself and others, yoga and life on a deeply spiritual, precise and eloquent level. 

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200 Hour Vinyasa YTT